Monday, August 31, 2015

Watercolor + Salt Bookmark

Here is another fun project using watercolor and salt.... creating a bookmark for my swap partner. I used to draw seahorses when I was younger and decided to look for a how-to drawing as a refresher course. This is the result.

Title: Seahorse Bookmark
Date: August 26, 2015
Medium: Watercolor and Salt
Inspired by: Craftsy: Draw and Paint a Seahorse

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day creating something new. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tangle a Scripture Postcards

I decided to join a fun group swap... "Tangle a Scripture" for the Christian Swappers Group. Both of these postcards were sent to 2 different women in the United Kingdom.

Title: Genesis 1:16,19
Date: August 27, 2015

The one above has a mistake that I didn't notice until I looked at the photo. I forgot to add the chapter. Hopefully my swap partner will add that in for me. 

Title: Psalm 96:1
Date: August 27, 2015
Inspired by: Zenspirations: Scriptures

Saturday, August 29, 2015


This cute little was painted in watercolor and sent to my swap partner. It was hard to part with this ATC because I love owls so much.

Title: Owl ATC
Date: August 26, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Framed Art for the Home

I decided to add some framed art to our home and this is just the beginning.

Let's start with my 8" x 10" Doodle Sun that has been outlined with colored pencils, painted with watercolors, and nailed to an 8" x 10" canvas.

Next is an ACEO size folding frame with my favorite ACEO's inside, placed onto my bookshelf. Some of these art cards have not been posted on my blog.

Lastly is my children's art that I framed and placed in the dining room. Both my girls have been drawing and painting with me all summer and these are what they decided to frame. I stuck their masterpieces on some scrapbooking paper with some corner stickers and placed them in  two 8" x 10" frames.

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Round Robin #30

Here is the latest update from the most recent Round Robin. A fun twist to the primitive motifs by using the DMC colors 335 (Pink), 209 (Lilac), 725 (Yellow), and 369 (Green). Normally, I've only seen one or 2 colors used in these projects.

Round Robin #30

Source: Marjorie Massey | Under the Tree Collection
Title Quaker Way 1
DMC Colors Used: #335 (Rooster), #369 (Grass)
Date Completed My Section: August 17, 2015
Theme: Bright Pastel Quaker Motifs

In each package sent to the next stitcher, we always add something extra for the stitcher to keep for themselves. This ACEO is what I added.

Title: Sunflower Field
Date: August 17, 2015
Medium: Watercolor
Type: ACEO
Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Date: August 15, 2015
Inspired by: lanka_zp Journal entry
and Dangles Alphabet by Olivia and Company

In this swap, you were supposed to create an ATC with the word OCTOBER on it. I used the art of Zen Doodle and some great inspiration online for letters of the alphabet for this. Then I incorporated them into this ATC adding my own touch to it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Black & White ATC with touch of BLUE

Title: Black and White with a Touch of BLUE
Date: August 15, 2015

I decided to use the art of Zen Doodling for this ATC. It is black and white with a blue bird. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Zen Doodle Birthday Card and ACEO

I've been dabbling in the art of Zen Doodling since May. Here are the latest artworks of my drawings, which are a birthday gift for a family friend.

Title: Doodle Bird
Date: August 8, 2015
Type: ACEO
Medium: Ink Pen and Watercolor
Inspired by the book, "Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles"
by Tonia Jenny & Amy Jones

The Doodle Bird was derived from the book, "Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles" as a base but with my own designs. It was drawn on 140# watercolor paper and painted with watercolors.

Title: Doodle Sun
Date: August 8, 2015
Type: Birthday Card
Medium: Ink Pen and Colored Pencils
Inspired by the book, "Zen Doodlingby Carolyn Scrace
Also Inspired by: Deb Prewitt

The face of the Doodle Sun greeting card was derived from the book, "Zen Zoodling". Some of the doodles were derived from Deb Prewitt' s blog Life of Deb. Adding them all together made a design of my own. It was drawn on a pre-made blank greeting card and colored with colored pencils. All in all, it turned out beautifully.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Watercolor & Salt Gifts

I made these for my friend's birthday last month using the watercolor and salt technique. This technique always have different results and fascinating to watch. Here is a How-To link... Picklebums -- Experimenting with Water Colours.

Title: ? (Canvas Art)
Date: July 29, 2015
Medium: Mixed Media
Inspired by: Night Sketching by paperfashion

This woman is a watercolor on canvas art using the technique in the tutorial posted last month with a little salt and glitter to make it stand out more... Click here.

Title: Sunflower Bookmark
Date: July 29, 2015
Medium: Watercolor & Salt

This is a bookmark I made with one of my own drawings of a sunflower. If you look closely, you can see what the salt did is several areas of the bookmark. This one is my favorite.

Title: Kitty Magnet
Date: July 29, 2015
Medium: Watercolor & Salt

I placed this painting in a magnet frame and it turned out great. You can see it in its frame in the group photo above.

That is it for now... Hope you got inspired to try for yourself. :)


What are Twinchies? They are 2" x 2"  works of art. Since I haven't done these in a long time, I decided to join a Twinchie swap. I looked at each of my partners profiles to see their likes to get an idea what to paint.  Since I like kitties, each partner received one with a kitty.

Title: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC
Date: July 26, 2015
Inspired by: Y Travel Blog -- Travel Pinspiration: 9 Beautiful Lighthouses

Title: Le Phare de Larche
Date: July 26, 2015
Inspired byJason Larche -- Fesival of Lighthouses

Title: Slick
Date: July 26, 2015

Title: Swimming Orca
Date: July 26, 2015
Inspired bynamu-the-orca's DevianArt Gallery

Title: Hugo
Date: July 26, 2015
Inspired byHugo the Whale @ the Seaquarium in Miami Florida

Title: Peace Maker
Date: July 26, 2015