Monday, August 24, 2015

Framed Art for the Home

I decided to add some framed art to our home and this is just the beginning.

Let's start with my 8" x 10" Doodle Sun that has been outlined with colored pencils, painted with watercolors, and nailed to an 8" x 10" canvas.

Next is an ACEO size folding frame with my favorite ACEO's inside, placed onto my bookshelf. Some of these art cards have not been posted on my blog.

Lastly is my children's art that I framed and placed in the dining room. Both my girls have been drawing and painting with me all summer and these are what they decided to frame. I stuck their masterpieces on some scrapbooking paper with some corner stickers and placed them in  two 8" x 10" frames.

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer...


  1. Brilliant idea to frame in the children's art work !
    i am going to do that to :)
    i love that colour fun sun
    Greetings from Holland

    1. Thank you! Framing your child's artwork and displaying them where all can see is very uplifting to the child. Have fun!


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