Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cross Stitching

My mother taught me to cross-stitch when I was 11 years old.... Almost 25 years ago. It is my most favorite thing to do. I love how those stitches form a beautiful picture when completed. I had a business stitching projects for people, but had to shut it down because I had to work full time to support my family. People took advantage of me and didn't really appreciate the hard work I put into their projects. This made me stop stitching for many years. My computer crashed and I lost all the photos I had of those projects I did. I so wish that I can show them to you. The only ones left are the most recent projects.


Source: Janlynn: Cookies For Daddy #17-21
Type: Stamped Cross Stitch Kit
Fabric: 14 ct. White Aida Cloth
Started: Fall, 2007
Put Down: Summer, 2008
Picked Up Again: July 5, 2011
Completed: October 1, 2011
Framed: Not Yet

Source: 50 Wild Animals by Mike Vickery (Page 10, Giraffe)
Type: Counted Cross Stitch
Fabric: 14 ct. Oatmeal Fiddler's Cloth
Started: October 1, 2012
Completed: October 22, 2012
Framed: Bookmark / October, 22, 2012


Source: Precious Moments: Love Is Kind #131-40
Type: Counted Cross Stitch Kit
Fabric: 14 ct. Beige Aida Cloth
Started: Spring, 1999
Put Down: Fall, 1999
Picked Up Again: September 7, 2009
Put Down: October, 2009
Picked Up Again: October 4, 2011
Put Down: April, 2012
Picked Up Again: September, 2012
Completed: Not Yet

Source: Alma Lynne's Country Cross Stitch (Pages 48-49, Dolly & I)
Type: Counted Cross Stitch
Fabric: 11 ct. Dyed Purple Aida Cloth
Started: Spring, 2006
Put Down: Spring, 2006
Picked Up Again: September 15, 2009
Put Down: October 18, 2009
Completed: Not Yet

Source: Sweeter Than The Rose (Pages 31 & 73, Rose Bouquet)
Type: Counted Cross Stitch
Fabric: 14 ct. Black Aida Cloth
Started: Spring, 2005
Put Down: Spring, 2005
Completed: Not Yet

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello... My name is Mary and Welcome to my new blog! Glad you came by to visit. This is the place where I will share all my most recent artwork. I will be closing my other blog and transferring to this one to get a new fresh start. Hope you enjoy everything here.

A little about myself... I'm in my late 30's with three lovely children, ages 2, 4, and 11. My late husband committed suicide in 2010 after years of suffering mental issues that were beyond his or anyone else's control. No matter what life has brought, art has always been an outlet for me. It's a way of staying in control when life doesn't. I started drawing when I was in Kindergarten, learned to cross stitch in middle school, and many other art forms as life went on.