Thursday, May 14, 2015

Round Robin #28

Now that my surgery has come and gone and that recovery is going well... I thought it's about time to write some delayed posts.

Here is the sampler for Round Robin #28. This one was big and lots of fun. Wish I had more time and energy before my surgery to stitch more to this one. I had it all planned out. And you all know what happens when plans do not go through.

 Anyways.... Here it is...

Round Robin #28

Source: Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
February 2012 / Issue 160 (Pages 19, 23)

Title: Do Not Disturb
Date Completed My Section: May 1, 2015
Theme: Stitching Room
With this one, I changed the DMC colors of the large X's. Colors used matched the border.

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY STITCHING!

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