Monday, March 23, 2015

Round Robin #27

In this Round Robin, I needed to stitch a new sampler so I can have one in circulation. It was so much fun deciding and ultimately deciding on the theme... Quaker in Nature. Meaning... A Quaker style of cross stitch using animal or plant motifs. I did a form of this one before and really liked it a lot. Here is what I stitched:

Round Robin #27
Fabric Type: Fiddler's Cloth
Fabric Color: Regular Oatmeal
Fabric Count: 14
DMC Floss Color: #550
Theme: Quaker in Nature (Plants & Animals)

Quaker - Butterfly

Quaker - Squirrel
I found the pattern online and do not know the exact name. As soon as I get that, I will update it here. It was found at Gazzette94's blog.

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