Saturday, February 21, 2015

Round Robin #26

Since this sampler has just begun, I decided to keep this one for this round instead of sending it home in the last Round Robin. Only fair because this is such a large sampler stitched on 16 or 18 count cloth (don't know the type). It was fun to stitch because the theme... to create an aquarium. Challenging because the squares were small for the eyes.

Round Robin #26

Source: DMC Cross Stitch: SEASIDE (DMC Design Library #2)
Pages 40-41

Title: Sealife
Date Completed My Section: February 15, 2015
I will be starting a new one for myself in the next round. Because of this, I alternate the samplers for each round.  I am truly disappointed and saddened that one of my samplers have disappeared and have not been seen in almost 2 years. Nobody knows where it is or who last stitched it. Did all this work with only one in return. Hopefully my next one will not disappear like this sampler did.

Missing ~~~ Pets
Last seen ~~~ July 4, 2013

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  1. so gorgeous, it has been years since I cross stitched. I am into paper creating, mainly cards, I like to send them to others. Sure hope the missing sampler turns up, it would be nice to have it completed! hope you have a FAB weekend.

    sparkle & shine *~*


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